When you hear the word “cleaning”, the first thing that comes to mind is the usual sweeping and mopping. But the truth is, there are a lot of cleaning tasks that one can do to tidy up their properties. These tasks are often done by professional maid services in Abu Dhabi since they require special equipment.

If you are wondering what these tasks are, be sure to go over this list and try to implement these housekeeping tasks in your own space:

  • Curtain steaming

The curtain maintenance mainly includes washing, dusting, and vacuuming. But there are other cleaning tasks that might bring back the beauty of your curtains. Services like curtain steaming in Abu Dhabi can help space owners remove the wrinkles on their curtain panels. Some curtains are made from delicate materials and ironing them can compromise the integrity of the fabric. But through steaming, your curtains will ironed out nicely and it will also eliminate the presence of allergens in the material.

  • Deep cleaning

Most homeowners settle for the usual cleaning task like wiping out the dirt or mopping the space. But it is considered superficial cleaning. If you are dead serious about cleaning your space, going for a deep cleaning is in order. With deep cleaning you are not only removing the surface dirt, you are also making sure that even the most hidden corners of your home is attended, cleaned, and sanitized. Deep cleaning is offered by professional housekeeping companies who have the equipment and right cleaning agents.

  • Mattress cleaning

Just like your curtain, your mattress is often subjected to superficial cleaning. If you continue this kind of cleaning, you are just cleaning the surface. An authentic mattress cleaning includes washing, air drying, and sanitizing the material. Again, it requires the expertise of a cleaning professional or team.

  • Space disinfection

This is task is important, especially when dealing with spaces that houses perishable goods like kitchen. Space disinfection are often paired with deep cleaning tasks to ensure that the job order will be all-inclusive. But you can do a standalone space disinfection job to other spaces as well.

  • Water tank cleaning

Cleaning our water tanks are not high on our list, as long as we are using clean water. But our water tanks can be a germinating pool for bacteria and cause serious health problems. Getting it cleaned and treated is definitely necessary.