Having a tractor is a responsible duty. If you’re going to buy a tractor, you must know how to use the tractor and how to keep the parts of the tractor maintained for future purposes. There are different services in the town which offer to clean the parts of your tractor and tune it to perform better again. These services can also be found on internet with the explanation telling people about the steps of cleaning and tuning different parts of a tractor. Maintaining a tractor is also important because it is a machine which is used on daily basis which means having a break down in such machine can disturb your work routine. 

Make sure you use durable oil for the parts of your tractor. A tractor is a machine that contains moving parts inside the working system. Those parts require a long lasting oil otherwise the parts will start reaction with air and as a result, rust will occur. Different oils for the mechanical parts of machines are available on the internet. These oils perform so well that the companies of tractors and oils often create a partnership with each other due to which when a person or a firm buy a tractor, the oil for the parts of the tractor comes along with the tractor. This tactics serves customer care as the customer doesn’t have to separately go out to purchase the oil. The instructions with the tractor come along with the catalog explaining people which oil is best for the particular part of the tractor providing individuals a basic idea about the performance of tractor oils.

The air in the tires of the tractor must be fit and equal. The purpose of air isn’t only to allow the tractor to move or balance the weight of tractor. Air determines the stability of traction of a tractor. Equal and balanced amount of air will let the tractor easily move over high and low ground conditions. If the air isn’t completely provided to all the tires of a tractor then issues like puncture, ripping of tube, suspension failure or most importantly accidents; therefore always measure the quantity of air in all the tires of your tractor before you take your machine out for farming purposed.

Tractors like mf 399 tractor and mf 290 tractor can easily be repaired in your garage as the machinery of these tractors is very simple and they’re used by many farmers so the flow of information is also easily provided.