Ups and downs come in everyone’s lives, but everybody has their own defense mechanism to counter those problems according to their stability and grip on a situation.  Whether it’s a an adversity or a day to day obstacle which accumulates and become a major problem causing an individual to have a break down , but everyone has different capabilities to manage stress . Psychiatrists don’t have the ability to telepath and look into their patients mind and solve their problems over night, mental issue is a serious problem and have to be dealt with utmost caution and care and takes time depending on an individual’s situation.

A fast paced life like that in Dubai consists of various individuals who are facing serious mental problems and can’t seem to get out of it on their own. It’s hard to say who is a best psychiatrist in your area as not all of them can get through a patients mind  and also different psychiatrist have different methods to counter mental issues including depression therapy and various techniques for anxiety treatment. But however there are some general guidelines to highlight the authenticity of a genuine psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists are not a social worker. They have a proper medical degree which takes them about 4 years to earn it. But it’s just not only that, it also takes them to conduct a residency in psychiatry and do numerous fellowship in a chosen field such as child psychiatry or pharmaceutical of psychiatry before they can qualify themselves a proper licensed psychiatrist.

Notice if you can connect with your psychiatrist. As mentioned earlier it is impossible for a psychiatrist to read a mind of an individual, although it may make their life easier but unfortunately they can’t. Therefore if you can’t seem to connect with a psychiatrist or are not comfortable with him then it’s a signal to change your therapist for better results.

They can admit you in a hospital. It usually act as a last resort when a psychiatrist thinks that an individual may risk his/her own life or have a drug and alcohol issue and cannot seem to find a solution other than hospitalization or detoxification. Individuals with schizophrenia are also recommended to be hospitalized if a solution cannot be formed in with their psychiatrist.

They cannot socialize with you outside their office timings, as it an harm the patient or the therapist himself. A strict but friendly boundary must be maintained for the beneficial of mostly the patients.

Hopefully these tips will be useful to you if you’re thinking on consulting a psychiatrist for bipolar disorder treatment, as mental issue is a serious problem and have to be dealt with it promptly to prevent the illness to grow.