It is always quite hard to find best therapist for you, who understand your problems and try to recover you from injuries. Especially finding psychotherapist is more difficult than physiotherapist. Because there are just fewer people who deals in psychology. But here is good news for those people who live in Emirates can find easily child psychologist in Abu Dhabi

Here are some important tips that can help you to find best psychotherapist near you. 

Ask your friends or family:

One best option that you can use is finding by yourself near your house. You can also ask to your friends of family members. Ask about their therapist and their experience. Make a list of 3 or 4 therapist near your house; visit their clinic and them about their mechanism, what kind of exercises they suggest to their patients. Some institutes also offer physical therapy or psychotherapy to their patients. But always consider therapist near to your house, because it would be easy for you to get there soon.

You can find or shop online:

Another source where you can find therapist is searching online. Well truly I never found anyone yet but this could be good choice for you. Some best psychiatrist in Abu Dhabi offer online services to their patients. Because some patient feels fear to visit clinic. These doctors provide their best services even online. So this could be also good choice for you.

You can take theoretical orientation:

Well this is really very tricky, you may have many theoretical orientations, but single post cannot explain it all.  Here is something to know about that when you need to visit therapist:

  • If you feel that there is something unconscious motivation then you must visit to psychotherapist
  • If you are trying to change your thoughts and want to change your whole life and you do not believe in any unconsciousness then you should visit cognitive therapist.
  • If you are facing some domestic issues with your mom and dad and don’t want to talk about them, then you should consider behavioral or solution oriented therapies.  
  • If you have problem with your family and want to work on them then you should consider family oriented therapist.

Still if you don’t have any idea about orientation that you want, get suggestions from your friends of family member. Try to work on their advices; you will definitely get better results.