4 SEO Errors of E-Commerce Websites

4 SEO Errors of E-Commerce Websites

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is an important tool for increasing search engine rankings. Every day, thousands of e-commerce websites are launched. And yet, only one website always ranks higher in the search engine results than the other. Experts in the field do not know the exact factors that determine rankings, but there are a few mistakes that most SEO companies in Riyadh commit that can negatively affect their rankings.

Poor website architecture:

E-commerce websites are often huge, with tons of products. In addition to the huge number of products, poor website architecture makes it hard for search engine spiders to index your content properly. This can hurt your rankings as Google hates duplicate content. Here are some steps you should take to fix the problem. Make sure your website’s navigation links to relevant pages. Also, avoid using standard settings for CMS, which can duplicate data throughout your site.

Too many product pages:

A major e-commerce SEO mistake has too many product pages. This occurs when a website contains variations of the same product with multiple pages. In some cases, this creates a duplicated experience for visitors. However, research has shown that 80% of e-commerce sales come from the top 20% of product pages, while up to 25% do not produce any sales. By regularly evaluating your website’s omnichannel touchpoints, you can clean out duplicated content.

Duplicate content:

Google has made it clear that it does not penalize duplicate content. However, if your website has duplicate content crafted with manipulative intent, it can harm your main content. Technical and editorial issues can cause duplicate content on your website. For example, there could be duplicate content arising from different versions of a product page, or it might be caused by using the same description of a product on multiple sites. If your website contains similar product descriptions on many different pages, this can result in your main content being penalized.

Unorganized structure:

Many online business owners fail to reap huge profits when success is put to the test. This is often because of the neglect of SEO, but it does not have to be. Before launching your e-commerce website, make sure that it is SEO optimized and free from SEO mistakes.

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